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Business Protection


We also specialise in providing business protection advice.

How can I protect my business financially?

Whether you want to protect your employees’ families, business loans, profits, yourself or your business partner, the main areas we work in are:

  • Shareholder/Partnership protection
  • Company death in service
  • Keyman protection
  • Loan protection.

Can my business pay for my life Assurance?

If you are limited then yes you probably can! Having your company pay your life insurance can make it significantly cheaper* as opposed to paying the premiums with after tax money. This can be done for yourself as well as your valued employees. If you were working for a large company it would be called “Death in service”, but this can now be arranged under a relevant trust for individual members.

How can I protect my business profits?

Everyone is used to insuring their premises, vehicles and such, but why wouldn’t you insure your key employees? If a key employee were to take ill or pass away this could have a detrimental impact on your business profits. By having the appropriate “Key man assurance” this can help with some of the associated costs of recovering your business from this difficult time such as recruitment and training.

What is Partnership/Shareholder Protection?

Sometimes called “the company will” Partnership Assurance provides a sum of money to surviving business owners to make sure that the deceased partner’s family get the fair price for their share of the business, whilst the survivors get to keep full control of the company. “It’s all about you not having to go into business with your late partner’s widow’s new husband.”

Loan Protection

It always makes sense to have any loan or overdraft self-cancel in the event of a key person from the business prematurely dying or having a serious illness.

*Source data: Zurich, Relevant Life Policies – DP150026A02 (04/16) RRD

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